Android App Development Company In India

Android apps development is the practice by which new application are formed for the android operating system. Android applications are packages in apk. Format. Android application is the best option for those who are in online store, job portal, game, story base content, instant message, cheap call, browser, news updated, social website any many more. Pari Technology are offering totally flexible design, content, development of application. We design and develop applications in mainstream platforms on the market so that the impact of your business idea is complete and consistent with the times.

Why Pari Technology for Android App Development?

Pari Technology offers you a service tailored to your needs, from a comprehensive consulting supervise each and every one of the steps you must follow to create a current business (communication, corporate design, technologies …) to products adapted to methodologies agile creation of apps designed for us and backed by our years of experience. Android application is the perfect complement to a well-designed campaign mobile marketing. Mobile applications let you create and maintain a relationship with the customer. It is the best tool for loyalty, creating a valuable interaction that positions the brand and offers at the same time, an image of innovation. It lets make special offers to customers, get their opinion, facilitate your purchase both online and physical and motivate its recommendation to other potential customers on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The number of smartphones continues to grow and have

Android apps development

will become must, as it was once to have a website. Want to be the last? For best results when creating android applications should prioritize three issues:

        1.  The value of the content offered.

        2.  The usability of the mobile application.

        3.  Graphic design.

Examples of Android Apps Development

Having established the objectives and functionality of the Android apps development should find a way to get that use the mobile application Board Index gracefully and spontaneously, enjoying their use.

  • Promotion: discount coupons, promotional events, competitions, trade points and gifts. See example mobile loyalty application.

  • Business directory: Android application that contains a directory of points of sale of the company and show them the way; exclusive offers reports based on customer location offers firsts customers and encourages interaction through Twitter and Facebook

  • Shop online: Android application that provides access to the online catalog of a company, making the whole process of buying, consulting reviews from other customers and managing the shipping address.

  • Quiz games: Games are the most downloaded application type. Entertain customers.

  • Tourist Guide: interactive map of the city, able to show the location and go to a specific point, with videos explaining the main points of interest, with accommodation booking on-line offers restoration consultation and even a treasure hunt QR codes hidden in the tourist itinerary suggested.

  • Events: Guides to attend events with practical information travel and accommodation, schedules, documents, opinion forums, etc