Codeigniter Framework Development Company

Pari Technology is offers CodeIgniter Framework Development for your business website. Our team of core PHP can fully customized your website needs and can design as per your instruction.

Advantages of using a like Codeigniter Framework Development

Full features offered allowed from creating a simple blog style wordpress, prestashop shop style or a management program tailored to a customer to supply certain tasks that are tedious or repetitive.

It also allows full integration with engines NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, putting developments at the level of large databases such as Facebook or Twitter.

It allows easily create REST APIs for native mobile apps and webapps. The power is amazing as you can see.

  • The pages are processed faster; the core of CodeIgniter is fairly light.

  • It is simple to install, simply upload files to FTP and touch a configuration file to define access to the database.

  • Code reuse, agile development.

  • There is abundant literature on the network.

  • Ease of editing the code already created.

  • Easy to create new modules, pages or functionality.

  • Access to public libraries and classes. Among others, there are libraries for login, pager, calendars, and dates

  • Standardization of code. Basic code when you have to play by someone else or when more than one person working on the same project.

  • SEO friendly URLs. Today I think no one doubts the importance of SEO.

  • Separation of logic and architecture of the web, the MVC.

  • CodeIgniter is far less rigid than other frameworks. Defines a way to work, but we can follow or not (this can also be a drawback)

  • Any server that supports PHP + MySQL serves to CodeIgniter.

  • CodeIgniter framework is licensed under an open source code is free.

CodeIgniter uses a modified version of the pattern Active Record Database. This pattern allows for insert and update information in your database with minimal coding. It allows for safer queries, since the values are escaped automatically by the system.

So kindly let us know your requirement for CodeIgniter framework and our executive will reply you shortly.