Hire Software Developer In India

Pari Technology is a software development company offshore in India that offers developers dedicated to the expansion of services and customer support. If you are looking for cost solutions and resources you want full control over the efficient development team, this is a better company to partner with! You can hire a dedicated software developer who has experience in different technologies and programming languages. You can hire senior, junior and intermediate programmers of Pari according to your needs, based on the contract. Our resources are the vanguard of all companies in professional software development and system management advanced database (ADBMS) in India, with the constant improvement of industry positioning, customer support and transparent review of the project and reporting. We provide the entire life cycle of software development for our clients, which include analysis, programming, design and development of databases, post-development maintenance and support. Our expert software developers develops a regular basic changes and reports to our customers to inform them about the progress of your project. In our team of expert software programmers can produce software development, desktop applications, software solutions and services, Windows Embedded, web portals and applications, and dynamic mobile applications on Android, iOS and Windows.

Advantages to hire software developer from Pari Technology:

        1.  The customer can save to bear the costs of recruitment, retention costs, fringe benefits, promotion, infrastructure costs, training costs, etc.

        2. The client can hire software developers’ monthly basis for long-term commitment fixed costs.

        3. Resources at different levels of expertise and technological skills Dedicated. Developer / programmer only work for you as your own employee.

        4. We have a team consists of a large group of skilled and experienced developers. You can interview the programmer (s) and select the best.

        5. The client is not charged for any hidden costs involved, so you can save yourself from imposing maintenance and taxes too.

        6. Programmers can also be deployed for support and troubleshooting on the client end. Pari team ensures better communication with customers and excellent English-speaking resources.

        7. Client project code can be shared with our resources or, alternatively, can also work remotely on the client system in the project where data security is important.

        8. Programmers are always available during working hours in email, Skype and telephone.

Recruitment model to hire Software Development Engineer

Hire Software Developer Full Time

        1.  Our programmers work on full time basis

        2. Fixed monthly payment.

        3. The minimum rental period months: two months

        4. Billing: Monthly.

Hire Software Developer on Hourly Basis

        1.  Our programmers work per hour

        2. Hourly rate fixed

        3. He minimum rental period: 2 weeks during the month

        4. Billing: Weekly progress