Joomla Website Development Company In India

Pari Technology combine aesthetics with functionality, making your business has the best presence and image on the Internet.

Joomla! The next generation CMS

27% of all websites in the world pages using Joomla! More than 6000 extensions available, hundreds of commercial and free templates and an incredible community behind the whole project, CMS make this a safe bet. As experts in creating websites with Joomla, develop your project based on a preset design that will perfectly suit your needs.

Joomla Layout Templates

If you already have a custom design your website to Joomla, but want to implement on your website, create the custom template to do your design and functional.

Joomla Website Development of components, modules and extension

If you need extra functionality on your website, we can develop component, module and / or plugin, according to your needs. We are experts in creating custom components, high-resolution.

Always on the safe when you choose Joomla Website Development Company as Pari

Enterprise Edition is a Premium edition with annual license fee. The price different functionalities and technical support to resolve any technical issues are included at all times. As is the case with Community Edition, you must rent a web server to host your online store and also provides unlimited scope to customize it to your liking.Our teams are always performed under the latest stable version of this popular CMS Joomla Website and the custom development that we undertake. Pari offer the possibility of getting a powerful website, attractive, functional and efficient, the best option to achieve all your expectations on the Internet.
Pari Technology are a young team of designers specialized in designing and marketing that will fulfill your desires. We are Joomla website development company so we can craft as per you imagine, so you offer your best presentation to your customers.

Why Choose Joomla website development as Content management system (CMS)?

       1.  It is the most widely used CMS over 100 million worldwide portals.

       2.   It has the largest active community both English and other languages. A major source of online help.

       3.  It is a constantly evolving product which ensures its stability. Your updates are done very easily.

       4.   The learning curve is shorter than their opponents. It is a very intuitive and easy to handle manager.

       5.   Its scalability allows it to perfectly suit both basic developments (corporate websites) as to more complex systems (e-commerce, user communities, public administration …).

       6.   Integration with other useful programs: CRM, ERP, electronic ID, document

       7.   It has development framework, fully documented and methodology based on MVC makes this custom development valid for CMS.