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Magento offers a clear front for users of your store, and a very complete manager for all the needs of everyday life in an online store statistics, orders, products, sales, suppliers, transportation, payments … As experts in Magento, create and develop your online store based on your needs, with a custom design that suits your needs, so you only have to worry about your online customers.

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Why choose Magento Website Development?

Magento offers three editions that are detailed below to choose the one that best suits your project. Our Magento developers are experts in the various editions, offering the best results when creating your online store.

Magento Community Edition

Community Edition is free, but you must rent a web server to host your store. As it is open source you can hire resources and install various plug-in modules to modify the kernel according to your needs

Magento Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition is a Premium edition with annual license fee. The price different functionalities and technical support to resolve any technical issues are included at all times. As is the case with Community Edition, you must rent a web server to host your online store and also provides unlimited scope to customize it to your liking.

Magento Go

This edition is based and cloud hosted solution. It is aimed at small businesses that plan to open an online store without inconvenience, and even lets you install some modules is the least customization option

Your store with Magento

A measure, we are experts in online stores with Magento


       Flexible,  almost all the peculiarities of your business model can be implemented with this solution.

       Robust,   both the core of the solution and add functionality with extensions that are tested and do not give problems.

       Scalable,  is designed for established companies, architecture and internal organization allowed to grow at very high levels and hold that                   growth

       If we get a little more in detail, other general benefits can be  

       Cost,   Yes, cost, paradoxically and I have told that Magento is more expensive, I will explain now why it is more cost efficient than other                 Solutions.

       Extensions,   have more extensions than other CMS eCommerce and are of a higher quality

       Mobile,   better equipped to adaptive / native application design / hybrid application Pari Technology is expert in development of shops and            Magento extensions. All our customers have been pleased with our work. We develop your custom online store based on a proprietary design        or by our experts in web design.