Phalcon Framework Development Company

Phalcon framework has the distinction of being implemented as an extension of the C language, which is achieved, that is not only faster than its competitors, but also consumes less resource than other PHP frameworks.

Phalcon Framework is a set of resources and tools that help build and manage Web applications and services. The main goal of a framework is to facilitate the development difficulty and time. There are currently a lot of frameworks for web development. Usually, a framework already has libraries to access a database, session management, templates for interfaces, among other things.

Why choose Phalcon Framework for your website development?

Phalcon offers the possibility to create controllers, models, migrations, until a system of crud doing dev tools use web interface.

Pari Technology can also see the code for the controllers and models so they can be modified from the same interface.

Make a crud can not be easier, simply must go to the scaffold tab on the table saying we want to do it until we can tell if we are in the view.

Create a project using dev tools with Web Interface The first thing to do is to put the terminal in the directory in which you want to create the project, once there, type the following code in the terminal.

Winning in agility step towards the development.

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