Responsive Web Design Company In India

Currently users viewing the contents of a web page using all kinds of Internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, game consoles, TV …, so having a web with adaptive or responsive design is extremely important to bring your business to your prospects and get gain a foothold in the market against competitors thus Pari Technology – best responsive web design company, offers responsive website very professional way at very affordable price.

If your company needs to position their products in an international market, we can help you expand into markets such as Russia, China or Japan and of course Europe. We have experience in development of SEO strategies other than search engines Google: Yandex, Baidu or

What is Responsive Design or Design sensitive?

Today, there is still some confusion when speaking of “a website that looks good on mobile”. We will try to explain how that phrase has been changing its meaning over time to become what we know today as Responsive Design.

Before it was common to create a sub-domain dedicated for a “web version” type and create a totally independent website the original, but with reduced and accessible content for these smartphones with first-generation browsers. In the absence variety of mobile devices with browsers, we did not consider things like different screen sizes.

What is Responsive web Design?

We called Responsive web Design Company (or Design customizable – Design sensitive) that interface can be adapted according to the resolution or size of the display device. Thus we have a unique website that seamlessly and automatically adapts dividing devices either type Smartphone, tablets or laptops or desktops.

Within each of these groups are different resolutions. Not the same screen of a HTC Hero than a Nexus 4 or iPhone. The screen size can also vary if we hold the device vertically or horizantal. Well, a design well suited to be adapted automatically even without reloading the web.

To provide this level of adaptability to a web requires advance planning how it will adapt, and this is a very important point to not undermine the usefulness of a web (which ultimately is the most important) at the same time it preserves line graph and the content is adapted according to the architecture of information.

Therefore, create a Web Responsive is a work in all phases of a general web:

Concept: In smaller versions the most important content is prioritized and allowed the second irrelevant and may even remove / adapt parts of the content itself. We must protect navigation and multimedia elements, popup, etc.

Design: The general graphic line is adapted website for mobile and tablet versions so we occupied the entire width of the screen and focus usually items such as pictures, titles, etc.

Programming:  The web must be able to detect in real time the resolution of the device as the sample. At this stage we must also take into account that mobile devices often have wireless 3G networks, and is therefore an ideal reduce data download.