Software Development Company In India

Pari Technology provides custom Software Development solution (offline and online) and it is the leading IT solution company in Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India.Our company specializes in solutions in the cloud and can help you upload your applications and servers to Office 365 and Azure, create powerful portals with SharePoint intranet and software development as you need. We are also manufacturers and implementer Portal Builder, a platform-generation cloud to facilitate the administration of public web portals and especially encourage companies across the Web and Value for Your Business.

After almost 5+ years working with our customers, we use technological excellence to design and develop innovative solutions aligned with the business needs of our customers.

When we develop software tools for your business, company or organization you have a need and not on the market a product that suits her. We develop different types of software with multiple programming languages like desktop applications or internal connection to external databases, web applications, software for computer control centers, management platforms body.Desktop applications or Programs

Desktop applications are programs that are installed on your computer and used to perform various tasks such as order management, inventory control, incident management, accounting, data storage, internal and external communication, personnel management, business management.To do so applications can work on different areas and platforms. Its scope of work can be:

        1.  Local only installed on the computer

        2.  Internal network between computers in your network or server

        3.  Internet on an external database

        4.  In Pari we evaluate what you need and we design and develop the tool you need.

Software tools for your company accessible from the Internet.

Web applications can perform the same functions as those indicated in desktop applications, but are accessible through any Internet browser, so you do not have to be installed on any computer. This platform facilitates distributed work and access information.

One of the great advantages is that it is not necessary to invest in big machines if the application is very powerful as it can be installed on servers in the cloud. With a tight investment you can get great results.

These platforms allow control teams in centers with a computer network, in addition to the various activities in schools. Among the functions that are developed they are:

  • MONITORING equipment

  • Software for training

  • Access control

  • Session management

  • Use data storage

  • User Management

  • Remote control equipment

  • Filter management

  • Fully autonomous operation of the center