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Make your website with custom design and coding with YII framework

Php Yii is a free development framework for web applications, open source written in PHP5 clean design that promotes and encourages rapid development. It works to optimize application development and helps ensure an extremely efficient, extensible and maintainable final product. It has support caching powerful and is explicitly designed to work efficiently with AJAX. Safety is important, so Yii includes input validation, output filtering, preventing SQL injection and cross-site scripting. Yii presents the programmer with a clean, simple and understandable source code that touches so intuitive as it does every piece of code, which means each item.

Yii framework is an ideal choice for development of small systems to large applications for developments that need to ensure the availability of the same.

Why choose Yii framework development from Pari Technology?

Yii framework is a generic Web programming framework that can be used for all types of Web applications. Because it is light to run and is equipped with solutions of sophisticated caching, it is suitable for developing high-traffic applications such as portals, forums, CMS, e-commerce, etc … Up to develop more complex applications requiring interconnection and interoperability systems, databases, web services, etc…

Professional Looks

Yii framework helps you develop a clean and reusable code. Follows the MVC pattern, which ensures a clear separation of business logic and presentation. Promotes synergy in development teams and actively promotes agile working methods that are ideal for combining with methodologies such as SCRUM or XP.


  • allows quick setup of an application, because it has no major software requirements and dependencies for operation. You only need a web server like Apache, nginx or any other with support php5. It does not require things like the Pear or connect to a channel framework of software as in the case of Symfony. Nor need changes or additional directives in the php.ini or the configuration of your web server. Everything worked at first, but left after you adjust your installation and environmen