Zend Framework Development Company

Zend Framework is an open source framework for PHP developed by Zend, the company responsible for most of the improvements made to PHP, so you could say it is the “official” framework.

Why choose Zend Framework from Pari Technology?

  • Zend Framework implements the MVC pattern is 100% object-oriented and have a low coupling components so you can use them independently. An important point is that it gives us a coding standard that we should follow in our projects.

  • In turn, it has support for internationalization and localization of applications (building multi language sites, convert date formats, currencies, etc. by region. Something important to create applications with a global focus and reach of the best way to most many people as possible).

  • It facilitates the setup of our project giving us tools to create the directory structure, classes, etc. command line, and integration with PHPUnit through Zend_Test to facilitate the testing of our application.

Framework has adapters for many types of different databases; it provides components for authentication and authorization of users, sending mails, cache in various formats, creation of web services, etc. It’s simple, if you got something to do, probably already have to make one before! So take advantage of that to spend less time in the development and use of already tested components.

Zend Framework is based on object-oriented programming, and uses the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. Other features implements filtering and validation forms. It can also be used with other components such as Zend Auth that allows us to authenticate users in a fairly simple and Zend Acl offered by an authentication system for use in shopping developments.

  • If you think Zend Framework suitable to your requirement then contact us for affordable packages. Even if you are confuse about what CMS or opensource to be choose then you can also contact us. Our skilled and experts will guide you on the base of your requirement.